Welcome members and members to be.  We have some amazing events coming up that will be both educational and rewarding!


Our book drive for St. Nicks was a resounding success with over 50 books donated by our members/attendees.We are also planning the Green Expo for sometime in October.  If you are a business that promotes sustainability, this event is absolutely right for you.  You will have an opportunity to "strut your stuff" to a vast facility based audience.  A word of caution though, you MUST be able to validate your sustainable value.

We have other exciting events in the wings that are still under development and we will have a detailed roster shortly.

On another note, participation is key to members and to the Association.  If you have some extra time, no matter how little, getting involved in the chapter is the best way to optimize opportunities for business, networking and growth.  We know that this kind of plea is common among most organizations, but we MEAN it.  You can shape your Association and lead the way but comittment, hard work, vision and a teamwork mindset is required!!  Get involved

John B. Lawrence